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  1. torrentz2 search is an authentic source for all search queries, which acts the same as (predecessor)
  2. you all know torrentz is a metasearch engine, which communicates with all other biggest search engines and grabs info | torrentz2 proxy free downloadmeta-search engine (aggregator) and a Multisearch. This means we just search other search engines.
  3. torrentz is the world's largest powerful search engine next to google as per our statistics.
  4. This is not a PEER server, or torrent cache, or Directory, users have no access to upload or modify here. hollywood | torrentz2 proxy 2021
  5. Torrentz doesn't host any .torrent files here, this is a simple programmable search. We don't have complete authorization to control it. | torrentz2 proxy of all websites
  6. Torrentz is just like a search engine, similar to google, bing, and Yahoo. We have very minimal access to modify search results. We genuinely agree that we don't have control over domain listings and other content.[extra proxy torrentz2] Users can interact with us by using the contact page.
  7. The indexing process is managed by cloud servers, don't worry, we will check and remove all unwanted torrents, to provide a safe environment to our users.
  8. Torrentz2 collects all metadata from search engines like google and bing and provides refined results.[kickass torrentz2 proxy list]
  9. This is a cloud server, we don't host any kind of .torrents or torrent files here. All files are managed by google from their servers.
  10. Torrentz2 respects all copyright owners ECUID, EULA, DCMA, policies. And we are glad to inform you that, we can remove copyrighted content as per by the respective owners.
  11. Torrentz loves you.

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